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Enjoyed stopping by the date stand at your farm.  Your dates are the absolute best...hands down! Thanks for the tour too.
                        F. F., Calgary, Alberta Canada

Sam, my wife Joan and I stopped by your farm this past Saturday and purchased the best dates we have ever, ever had.  Your dates are the best. Super moist and flavorful. I was so impressed that I had to let you know. Thanks for the farm experience.
                                         Bill, Long Beach, CA
Your signs on Dillon Rd. are what brought me to the Farm today, the dates I purchased were excellent I will be back very soon I will be sending them to the UK
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       Thanks for Stopping by!
This was our second visit to Sam's Date Farm and what a delight to see Maxine again and get an up front glimpse of the Palms that yield such a wonderful variety of dates. The effort and love that goes into their production is unique and therefore so are their crop(s). One of our all time favorites are the Black Gold. We'll be back soon and hopefully meet Sam. 

 Rita and Bob from: Sun City, Palm Desert 

Thank you for allowing us to taste the wonderful varieties of dates before purchasing. I am so impressed with the ease of ordering out of state and truly look forward to getting a box of medjools upon my return to Kansas. Dawn 

 Dawn, from Kansas 

Rita & Bob
Thanks for Stopping By!

If you are planning to go to the Palm Springs Area of CA be sure to Visit Sam Cobb at his Date Farm located in Desert Hot Springs. Sam is a bundle of happiness that can't be contained when he is showing you his beloved farm and telling you about his DELICIOUS dates. My husband and I and our campground neighbors took the tour that Sam himself gives and it was fantastic. Not only is Sam informative about all phases of raising his yummy dates but he is also entertaining. It was wonderful to see a man that is so very happy working and living his dream. You will be able to sample several varieties of dates and you can also buy them just like we did. Even folks who don't usually like dates went away that day with some of the varieties that Sam himself developed such as Black Gold.  Absolutely DELICIOUS!!  Be sure to include Sam Cobb's farm into your visit itinerary, you'll be glad you did.
Carol B.
Leland, NC 
Sam Cobb
Cliff & Carol Bennett
Sam is both a generous host and a gifted story-teller. He welcomes questions and is happy to share his passion (as well as life lessons) with you. I knew barely anything about dates prior to visiting and left passionate about them and this particular farmer. Further more, Sam shares his own story through a lens of hope and determination in the face of adversity which would leave any lister inspired. He was generous to let us taste his signature "black gold" dates straight from the tree and we were in agreement that they were the best dates that either of us have had. We plan on ordering Sam's dates in the future as well as returning for another tour the next time we're in the area. I really cannot say enough great things about this tour. Thank you again, Sam! Please write a book!

Lauren and 
San Francisco, CA